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Physical isolation card, Saming PCGuard and mobile phone signal shielding device as after-sales service

Hardware products : a free one-year service from the date of purchase or replacement, and the user needs to provide services More than a year.According to the damage exceeds a certain amount of time and product costs.(Not including man-made causes damage)

The steps users access to services

1 If you encounter problems.Please brochure or from the website "List of frequently asked questions" to find out the answer.These problems are common to the conclusion a long period of time, we should be able to solve most problems.
2 If we can not find a solution to common problems, and local dealers, in order to get you faster after-sales service.
3 If the dealer does not resolve the problem, you can direct telephone links with the company after-sales service.Email or fax the form linked, but before you have to fill in the information users.The company will make the required response time.
4 If door-to-door services, users must fill in the information, we will make a response within 24 hours.But by the time the company to determine the specific repairs.

UPS uninterruptible power supply, power supply after-sales service commitment

一、Santak(STK) UPS National Joint Maintenance. Three-year warranty (Reads)

Warranty Policy & Commitment

Guanxu Corporation offers to its customers the following limited warranty: The UPS device and its components mentioned in User's Manual shall be provided with 3 years' warranty free of charge for normal use (man-made malfunctions excepted.), starting from the date the customer purchases the UPS from Guanxu or its distributor/retailer. In certain places where local laws have special provisions for the term of warranty, the foregoing term shall not be applicable. This warranty offers special legal rights. You are entitled to other rights pursuant to local laws. The Buyer/Customer is responsible for certain service and maintenance expenses.

The following situation is not covered by the warranty:

  • finished goods lost or serial number manipulated;
  • loss or damage due to force majeure or external reasons;
  • misuse, accident, negligence, unauthorized alteration or repair;
  • overuse;
  • violation of operation stipulations.

Within the 3-year warranty period, if the UPS is out of order in the range covered by the warranty, Guanxu shall repair or replace the UPS in its own way. For warranty services, please contact Guanxu's local Customer Service Center. The costs of delivery shall be borne by the customer.

二、APC UPS two years free service

三、Battery(24AH-100AH)Three free quality assurance(Not including consumables 4AH to 7AH)

四、STONE UPS gold services for five years maintenance and a years For machines(Reads)
1.all STONE UPS to implement five years maintenance. a years For machines. (The initial date of purchase to users)
2.Battery Three free quality assurance(Not including consumables 4AH to 7AH)
3.STONE PS Series on-line UPS with on-site maintenance services, to respond to calls within two hours.arrived at the scene within 24 hours or replacement of spare aircraft (service centers around the urban areas within)
4.UPS customer demand for allocation under the program to provide electricity to environmental survey, installation and testingproviding access to the professional training of the staff to provide services such as replacement batteries.
5.Buying the Machine, please visit our users to the website for online registration timely, comprehensive services to be reliable.
6.If UPS abnormal operation, timely advisory services center, or dealers,We provide 7*24-hour telephone technical support service.
7.Following is the list of cases caused by the fault is not warranty :
  Users fail to use or to amend its own brochures, repairs;
  Declining external injury or normal capacity battery;
  Natural disasters or other machinery damage caused by force majeure.

五、Free technical advisory services

  The company has set up a special center maintenance services for free to users for the purchase of pre-sale plan was finalized, equipment selection,installation sites.power supply capacity to determine site training and technical advisory services and technical advisory services, together with the UPS;Maintenance and have the ability to respond quickly to the sale.

  Free site installation and commissioning services

  Where the purchase of UPS equipment users, the company maintains user files and equipment arrived at the scene after the buyer,According to the installation time by consensus,Company will send specialists to arrive at the scene of UPS equipment free installation and testing.

  The warranty period for free maintenance service

  All UPS users in the purchase of equipment, will enjoy a three-year free warranty and free periodic inspection;the warranty period, the use of the environment to meet the standards and conditions of use and by the circumstances,UPS devices to malfunction and damage accidents,damage to the device and fault free replacement and repair and maintenance.

六、After the warranty period maintenance services

  UPS facilities in operation longer than the warranty period, the company UPS still bear responsibility for the maintenance of life.users can choose the unit's actual repairs following two ways :

1. UPS to the operation of insurance companies.The annual cost of insuring 10% of the acquisition cost of equipment, which can be insured at the time of acquisition to determine the time,can be made after the maintenance period, each successive insurance does not normally exceed two years, and only after the renewal period was too insured.UPS service to the insurance company's equipment will arrive at the scene to conduct regular inspections and maintenance.

2.UPS users not to participate in the insurance, when UPS fails, the company will conduct maintenance work.Maintenance only nuclear resumption of basic services and the cost of replacing damaged parts costs (including travel, accommodation and labor costs).

七、Repair service response time

  Once the equipment failure, the company received notice from users, will be the fastest way to respond,According to company (or subsidiaries) and the distance between users and user traffic to facilitate the transport of UPS (moving mobile) to facilitate the determination of the maintenance programprovinces (municipalities) to customers within the major urban areas of site maintenance has not arrived more than four hours.provinces (municipalities), the scene outside the major urban areas of the maintenance time of arrival of one day (large and medium-sized cities) to three days (except in remote areas or poor).

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