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Use computer bring much conveniences to us, but……

If your operating system is crash, what should you do?

If you lost your important data, what should you do?

If your computer affected by viruses, what should you do?

If your computer affected by hacker, what should you do?

If you have done a mistake operation, what should you do?

Now, you don’t worry about them, because what you need to do is just reboot your computer if you have one of our recovery products.

For all kinds of computer viruses, hackers intended destructions and system crash, our products can recover the data without demolishment in few seconds, and it almost wont’ occupy any space of your hard disk or influence the system.

With SAMING powerful technology, our recovery products have different forms—hardware, software and can use under different OS—windows, Linux so there must have one form suit to you!




School / Colleges / University / internet cafe
   As a teacher or a lab assistant or internet cafe owner, it can be a nightmare when dealing with a large number of users with different IT skill levels. Problems like damaged or deleted files, virus infections, wrongly configured settings and hard disk formats will interrupt and delay lessons. Malicious attacks to the PCs create costly down-time and havoc to any organization. With our SAMING recovery products, you minimize the damage such attacks can create.

Corporate / Government
   Have you ever experienced data corruption or missing files caused during the installation of software? Many PC users do; especially when they install a new application. Many corporations have tried unsuccessfully to prevent their employees from modifying the configurations of their computers. However with our recovery products, they can prevent the corruption of file settings from the installation of these applications.

   With the increasing popularity of the Internet, libraries are making PCs available to the general public to do their research. Due to the large volume and uncontrolled site browsing, these machines are often corrupted or infected with viruses. The down time created by this problem is very costly and time consuming. With the strong protection of our recovery products, the PCs in library will have infrangible bodies. Any modifications or damages will be wiped off with an easy reboot.

The PC manufacturer
   Statistic by PC venders/assemblers shows that 60% of the service calls are for software rather than hardware problems. Not only can this be costly and aggravating, but it also takes up a lot of valuable time.

With SAMING recovery products or technology bundled, the PCs you sell will be crash-proof. Your customer can reborn their PCs by themselves rather than call for help again and again. The number of service calls and technical support requests will be greatly reduced and will your service budget cost down. And the PCs you sell will be unique with the extra protection of SAMING recovery products.


As soon as the PCGuard is inserted, it will start protecting your PC against data loss caused by viruses, user errors, manipulations or system crash
PCGuard (for Linux)
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With the Completely same function as PCGuard, the NetGuard has other excellent functions—netclone and Netmanage you will be able to clone a disk drives data at a higher speed over the Network and control other computers remotely over the network function.
NetGuard (for Linux)
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HD Shield
HD Shield is a software and a hardware solution and that
protects your PC / Laptop against data loss manipulation.
In case of data damage caused by viruses, hackers, end
users or an unexpected system crash,you will just need to
reboot your PC or your Notebook and hit the F9 key, HD
Shield will recover your data within few seconds.
Download the trial version right now!
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NetGuard PMC
If you are very satisfied with the NetGuard functions, but you would need software solution, the NetGuard PMC is the best choice. It can help you more easily to install the software on each computer in the local network environment.
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