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Q1. Before installing PCGuard, are there any steps to perform?
A1. Please run Windows Scandisk and Disk Defragmenter. And kill any existing viruses with anti-virus software.
Q2. Why do I have to run Scandisk before installing PCGuard?
A2. Before any installation, the HDD must be checked for errors. This is to ensure that all the original information, which PCGuard will use for restoration, are in good condition.
Q3. Why do I have to defragment the HDD before installing PCGuard?
A3. This is because PCGuard occupies the last sectors of your HDD. If there are any files occupying these sectors, it will be moved by defragmenting, otherwise it will be overwritten during installation.


What should I do when install interface did not appear after inserting SAMING PCGuard in the PCI slot?
A4. Please check BOOTING ORDER in BIOS and set NETWORK or LAN as preference.
Or Insert the PCGuard to another PCI slot.
Or If there are FAST boot or Quickly boot in CMOS, please set as Disable.
Or If you are using a LAN Card, try to alternate its slot with the PC Guard.
Or Please confirm SHADOW RAM such as D000, D8000 is Disable.
Or Remove PC Guard and insert it into another PC to check if it is damaged or not.
Q5. When installing a Licensed PCGuard, why I got” none partition found”?
A5. It may result form incorrect or usual partition list. Please back up the datas in your PC and make a new partiation. It is suggest to do by command of the OS.
Or It can also caused by incorrect configration of CMOS. Please check BIOS by scanning HD manually or let the system scan antomaticaly
Or Please check if the whole HD is in partition and confirm if all partition is formatted.
Q6. It reads: PCI Card is removed after installing.
A6. Please check BOOTING ORDER in BIOS and set NETWORK or LAN as preference. If there are FAST boot or Quickly boot in CMOS, please set as Disable. If still not workable, please check if the card is dirty on its contact with the PCI slot. If yes, please remove and clear it by alcohol. Then insert it on your PC again.


I installed SAMING PC Guard successfully on my computer with 80G HD. When install it on another with 160G, the installing window won’t appear, whichever key I pressed. To use 2 small hard disk is workable, while when change then into one 20G hard disk, I can not install.
A7. The first question may result from that the computer does not support such a 160 hard disk. That is to say the disk can not be scanned in CMOS, so SAMING PC Guard cannot be installed. The way to solve is updating BIOS or changes the hard disk to a small one. It also can be caused by discrepancy of configration between CMOS and hard disk. In case of that, please rescan hard disk in CMOS or set hard disk as AUTO and let the system scan automatically.
The second problem is because the motherboard does not support 20 G hard disk.


There is a yellow exclamatory mark on the hard disk controller after I finished the PCGuard install. And the work mode is become the MS-DOS compatible. How can I solve it?
A8. Because the drives of Saming PCGuard do not work normally, the exclamatory mark show. At this time, the system turns into the DOS compatible mode and go on working to protect users’ data. So although the function of protect is normal, the speed of the system is affected obviously.
First, uninstall the Saming PCGuard, then install the drive of PCGuard, at last restart the computer and reinstall the PCGuard.

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